TickiPay’s Intelligent Scholar Transport Solution (ISTS) forms part of TickiPay’s extensive Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions offering. It’s a solution designed and architected to accurately respond to the scholar transport industry challenges and aims to improve scholar’s safety as well as provide efficiency across all forms of scholar transport including buses and taxis.

The solution leverages on Internet of Things (IoT) capability to provide a variety of safety and security services such as in-bus video surveillance, accurate scholar transport tracking, emergency services communication, real-time bus health data analysis and even allows for a host of multi-media services for entertainment and continuous learning.

Our Solution is both a cloud-based and deployment-proven, thereby making it accessible from anywhere, anytime. The solution enables the management of complicated scholar operations into a standardized system and also allows for easy regulation and subsidy management.

Our Solution provides customizable, detailed reports, allowing for data analytics, live reporting, activity coordination and management and full visibility by authorized parties.

This solution allows for specific requirements customization on both the Web and Mobile Application. It provides a unified data management platform which communicates real-time travel and scholar data to bus operators and the various government departments. Some of the data provided include:

  • Information such as bus locations, travel speeds, traffic intersection data and traffic accidents are collected and analysed for real-time vehicle positioning.
  • This allows for multi-line switching, scheduling and dispatching with better efficiency and clear monitoring.
  • Data such as fuel consumption, tire pressure and engine performance can also be relayed to minimise the risk of an engineering or mechanical failure.

TickiPay’s IST solution also includes cutting-edge video surveillance to enhance student’s safety and to provide a holistic view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

In the event of an emergency, a button is available for the driver to press and alarms are sounded at the command centre. The video data will make it possible for the centre to respond to incidents immediately.

Additionally, TickiPay’s IST solution for subsidy management comes with a subsidy management module that allows for rules customization and reports on actual data of students carried, time, when and where they were dropped.


The TickiPay IST solution uses technology and digital platforms to provide a holistic and transparent scholar transport management capability that will enhance the successful implementation of the National Scholar Transport Policy. We makes use of industry leading technologies, the system is hosted on the Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2), the code base is developed on a scalable MySQL DB architecture, all system logic is housed in a fast, available and reliable C# web service. We have a development team based in Gauteng, South Africa, our front-end applications can be deployed on Linux or Windows environments or accessed via a web browser.

Our system is available as a full stand-alone platform but it is also flexible enough to integrate into an existing transport management systems. The Platform is powered by an Information Management System that enables customer service requests, real time data and analytics & operations management across various environments, a gated station, on-board conductors, platforms and even through mobile vehicles. Our GPS capability ensures that we are able to track students, provide location of the bus and even provide live and recorded video streaming. Parents and the school can interact with The TickiPay system through the available Parents mobile App as well as the Web application. TickiPay also can setup a command centre that can monitor the national scholar transport system and provide tracking, video and operations management services.


The TickiPay IST Solution is meant to provide safety and efficiency to the student transport system. Our processes require the vetting and registration of all bus operators as well as the students using the system. The buses are vetted through the signed contracts, business papers and vehicle registration details. Driver’s licence checks and criminal records through police clearance are also done and recorded on the system as a way to enhance student’s safety. Bus operators and the bus drivers have to consent to the collection of data and the vetting processes before the process commences.

Once bus operator vetting is completed, we will install the required hardware onto the bus including the V600, cameras and the OBD reader. The student registration will also happen concurrently. We work with the school to register the students on the system, the records we collect must match with the school records as all the information we collect can feed into the school’s financial and administrative system.

Students are issued with RFID MiFare cards or QR code embossed cards after a successful registration. We also have the ability to collect and use finger biometrics as a way of access control and reporting.

TickiPay will then configure the required parameters including the schools and their locations, all the stops, routes, subsidies and fares if applicable. We will also configure the bus information including its licence number, fleet number, owner, allowed drivers and their credentials, the VIN number, its allowed capacity and exceptions like standing capacity and any other required information like fares if they are applicable. We also configure the reporting module and determine the reports required, the level of detail required, the channels to be used for which report and the structure of the data and reports.


Students will use the cards issued to them to access the scholar transport services. They can also use finger biometrics instead of the cards, or they can use a combination of the card and the finger biometrics. Once access is verified, access is given and reported on the system. Each time the student gets on the bus and jumps off the bus, they need to tap or touch the device so that we record their access and drop-off. This allows the parent and school to have a view of where the student is once picked up by the bus. The school is also able to give a report of all the students that would have the transport service for the day and emergency services can also be linked to the service for any incident that might happen on en-route.

Access Media


With TickiPay you can know more about your business than ever before with our advanced reporting tools.

  • View summary data on the TickiPay report dashboard like sales quantities and values, sales by day, payment types and channel
  • Customize report date ranges, compare route and trip performance and set viewing parameters like per day, per month or annual
  • View report data in various graph and table formats
  • View detailed sales reports, sale by channel and access control reports

Reports are generated with every transaction. There is a real-time reporting mobile application which the transport operator uses to manage the buses and there is a full comprehensive web application which produces more detailed reports.

The stakeholder reports gives them access to:

  • Financial data – including subsidy data
  • Number of trips (per time, per driver, per vehicle)
  • Date / Plate / Number of loads
  • Date/ Vehicle/ Number of trips
  • User reports for each driver, bus and student
  • Performance reports
  • Travelling report of drivers, vehicle and route
  • Travelling distance and timing report
  • Travelling records statistics and analysis report
  • Driver/vehicle behavior report
  • Driver attendance report
  • System operation logs


The V600 is an on-board computer that we install on all the scholar transport operating buses to effectively ensure there is traffic safety. The devise uses telematics, featuring 4G LTE network capability, stable Wi-Fi, Ultrafast Quad-core processor, GPS & BDS, multi-channel external camera, 5MP Autofocus camera’s, Fingerprint and Face Recognition biometrics, OBD data collection and Bluetooth 4.0, supporting calls, SMS, voice and recording functions, it can fully realize the overall management of school buses effectively ensuring traffic safety.


  • Provides an efficient and reliable transport system for the scholars
  • Can assist the government in determining the funding requirements for scholar transportation in South Africa
  • Provides a view of the services are being provided by provided by contracted transporters,
  • Provides safety of scholars and secure methods of transportation
  • Helps with coordination of scholar transport services between departments, schools, parents and transport operators
  • Can eliminate unscrupulous scholar transport operators
  • The solution helps to standardize the scholar transport operations across provinces and the country
  • Provides opportunity for uniformity around contracting and remuneration,
  • Can solve for the rationalisation of schools,
  • Provides information of the distance and terrain that require learners to be provided with transport.
  • Can assist with better school attendance by of school going age kids
  • Provides full comprehensive reports and critical analytics that will revolutionise the scholar transport services.
  • Provides for a payment gateway for payments for scholar transport services.
  • Assists with subsidy management for scholar transportation