No more running around with pockets filled with Cash. Cashless is becoming the new standard!


tikicashEvents Cash Killer


Join the Cashless Movement with TickiCash – GO CASHLESS, GO BIGGER

Increase your event revenue and enhance your guest’s onsite experience by eliminating cash at your next event. Our Cashless Payments solution allows Event organizers and Vendors at an event to accept cashless payments for the sale of products using contactless or QR code technology.  TickiCash brings you a solution that heightens your guests’ experiences while giving you complete control over all event transactions and data.

Cashless Payments Made Easy

TickiCash lets you focus on what you do best; running your event.

Reduce Fraud

Multiple layers of redundancy and security make Token the most durable and robust cashless solution.

No Online Connectivity Required

TickiCash runs seamlessly offline with wireless mesh networking technology.

Customer Intelligence

Match sales data with customers demographic profile to provide a deeper level of reporting for sponsors.

The Security You Need

Minimize theft and cash handling on-site with TickiCash

Reap the Benefits of Cashless

TickiCash helps you grow your event revenue

Increase On-Site Revenue

Boost customers spend by up to 30% with cashless, frictionless transactions.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Replace your traditional till and network infrastructure with mobile phones of self-contained Scanning devices.

Enable Refund and Top Up Wastage

Refund your customer’s balance in cash or via transfers or reversals. Otherwise breakage from balance amounts left unclaimed see an increase of over 16% in event revenue.

Post Event Reporting & Analytics

Replace your traditional reporting with rich sales insights and data whilst streamlining your post-event vendor reconciliation

Cashless Payments Process

  • Step 1

    Events Promoter Creates a Vendor on the TickiPay IMS

  • Step 2

    Vendor receives an emailed invitation

  • Step 3

    Vendor downloads the TickiPay for Vendor App

  • Step 4

    Vendor scans the QR code on the invite to accept

  • Step 5

    Promoter sells eTokens to consumers through the TickiPay Promoter App

  • Step 6

    Customer presents their TickiPay Wallet to the Vendor for scanning

  • Step 7

    Consumer Wallet is debited with the transaction amount

  • Step 8

    Vendor account is credited with the transaction amount

  • Step 9

    Promoter completes Consumer Wallet cash-out

  • Step 10

    Promoter receives TickiPay Cashless Events Report for Vendor settlement

Event Promoter simply needs to create a Vendor in the IMS and this allows for communication with the Vendors selling at your event.
The Vendor will need to download the Vendor app from the Google Playstore or Apple AppStore, and get linked to the Cashless Product for the Promoter’s event.
Promoters will download the Promoters app from the Google Playstore and Apple AppStore and distribute Cashless cards or bracelets to Ticket Holders (Only QR for now). Tokens are added to the Cashless Wallet (using card or bracelet) for Ticket Holders and they can present their Cashless Wallet to Vendors at an event to complete Transactions.

Post Event Activities

  • Reporting: Promoter will receive Cashless Event reports and can present them to the Vendors. Reports will include a Vendor summary transaction report, a Vendor detailed transaction report, a Cashless Wallet summary transaction report, and a Cashless Wallet detailed transaction report.
  • Refunds: Cash and reversals into bank accounts
  • Social Follow-ups: Always connect socially with attendees. Your event is your lead generator. With social follow up you can stay in connected with your attendees.
  • Digital Memories: Make your event last longer with sharing beautiful memories of the event with your attendees.
  • Custom ticket pages and apps: white labelled tech that feels like your own solution
  • Get events feedback and complaint after event